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Production Worker I

Position Description:
Position Title: Production Worker I
Department: Contract Manufacturing Services
Reports To: Production Supervisor

Position Summary:
Run parts using laser systems assuring maximum safety and efficiency. Inspect parts to verify conformance to customer specifications.

Primary Responsibilities:

  1. Operate custom designed and standard laser machinery to process materials/parts according to customer specification
  2. Perform quality inspections of finished parts
  3. Start up and shut down machine using written work instructions
  4. Shut down machine in event of safety issue
  5. Change gas cylinders and perform table maintenance as directed
  6. Package and route parts to shipping and perform cleanup duties as required
  7. Complete required paperwork
  8. Various other duties as directed by Supervisor

Hiring Qualifications:

  • High school education or GED

Physical Demands:

Lifting of up to 40 pounds occurs sporadically throughout the day. Sitting and/or standing for long periods of time (2-4 hours before a rest or change). Rapid repetitive motions of the hands and wrists over 2-4 hour periods. Repetitive back, wrist, arm, shoulder, pinching, elbow and finger movements occur continuously. Fork lift driving is also part of the job.

All Preco, Inc. employees are empowered to stop production and notify their supervisor/manager if an unsafe act or product quality concern is occurring. Also, each member of the Preco – Somerset team is responsible for identifying continuous improvement opportunities and participating in problem solving teams as necessary.


To apply, send resume to: hr@precoinc.com
This position is located in Hudson, WI

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