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Polymer Clean Slitting

Polymer Clean Slitting (PCS) Center

Preco's Polymer Clean Slitting (PCS) Center is a dedicated wide web slitting and clean work area that offers toll converting of master rolls for customers requiring ultra clean slit edges and surfaces for polymer rolls, optical films, composite laminated films, and other precision coated substrates. This exclusive and proprietary process produces slit and rewound rolls free of edge conditions found in mechanically slit rolls such as debris and 'angel hair' or slivering. The PCS Center is dedicated to only processing polymer based materials assuring you there is no cross-contamination with non-polymer materials.

PCS Advantages

  • Advanced slitter/rewind system incorporates a closed loop tension control system for the unwind and rewind zones ensuring consistent and repeatable roll tension profiles. Precise tension control is available from 0.25 to 3.0 pounds per linear inch.
  • For product safety, a shaftless unwind station lifts master rolls directly from your pallet using an electric motor.
  • Multiple laser slitting stations assure non-contact and debris free slitting of high value polymer rolls.
  • The lasers are optimized for polymer processing with minimal re-melt zones at the material edge.
  • Preco's Debris Management System (DMS) offers unmatched roll edge and surface cleanliness. This is especially important for optical films where residual debris can scratch and affect the material surface.
  • Consistent edge quality and improved material yields are possible as no slitter knives are present that can dull and potentially damage or tear your roll.
  • The non-contact process of laser slitting can improve the straightness of your slit edge resulting in reduced downstream process issues.

Contract Manufacturing Services

Wide Web Material

A 50 inch wide web is unwound
with precise tension control

The PCS Center is a complete work center dedicated to laser slitting and rewinding of your polymer based master rolls in a controlled work environment. This investment includes an advanced slitter/rewind system and non-contact lasers located in our PCS Center. The center is in excess of 10,000 ft2 and is located in a controlled clean area. Clean room protocols are incorporated for both the machine operators and the production floor. All master rolls and slit rolls are handled and inventoried in this controlled environment. Our Debris Management System (DMS) coupled with additional process controls offers exceptional cleanliness compared to mechanical slitting/rewinding operations.

Preco is one of the largest contract manufacturing facilities in the US with multiple multi-million dollar production contracts in place. Our Quality Management System is registered to ISO 9001:2008 assuring you consistent and defined product realization protocols.

Slitter/Rewinder Specifications

Polyester based substrates are the targeted polymer for clean slitting, however please contact Preco to discuss your other materials and specifications that would benefit by clean slitting.

  Inbound Materials

  Outbound Materials

  • Roll widths from 305 to 1600 mm
    (12" to 63")
  • Roll diameter – from 400 to 1000 mm
    (15.75" to 40")
  • Core diameter – 75 mm or 150 mm
    (3" or 6")
  • Maximum roll weight – 1134 kg (2500 lb.)
  • Polyester thickness – 350 μm (0.015")
  • Minimum slit roll widths – 40 mm (1.5")
  • Slit roll diameter – maximum 500 mm (20")
  • All rolls will be shipped on a 150 mm (6") diameter plastic core
  • All rolls are double bagged to assure cleanliness
  • All rolls have core labels and labeling
    on the inner bag

Contact Preco to discuss your slitting application and understand how the PCS Center can benefit your critical slitting requirements.

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