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Die-Slide - Superior One-Step Edge and Surface Treatment

A Production Boosting Sensation!

Have you ever experienced the press operator shutting down the machine in the middle of a long run, installing safety devices and then pulling out a tool that is packed with sticky crud? Yes, it's cleaning time again. As you stand there and watch the time it takes until the job restarts, you're probably also thinking about other work that is scheduled on the press, and how it's going to affect backlog. Even the machine operators don't like it. They would much prefer that the job were running smoothly, and with a lot less hassle.

During Preco's 60 years of industry experience, we have worked with customers on issues dealing with die sets, steel rule die boards, cutting plates, manual and automatic die cutting machinery and finishing. And our press owners tell us that constant interruption of an operation is one of the biggest annoyances you can have—especially from an adhesive that dictates how fast you're allowed to finish a work order.

Applying Die-Slide to die's side
Die-Slide can be applied using a simple cotton swab.

But let’s face it—the use of adhesives is fundamental to all areas in industry—you can’t avoid having to make this raw material into something useful.  Because of this, the successful converting of materials that involve adhesive components is a critical part of the total manufacturing picture. And now there is an industry-new and cost-effective way to handle tools that are affected by adhesive buildup. The product is called Die-Slide™ from Preco®.

"Our press operators spend significantly less time cleaning rule of adhesive, wax and dirt buildup. I highly recommend this product."

— Greg Stukowski
Atlantic Gasket, Philadelphia, PA

Die-Slide has become a production-boosting sensation. It is a treatment to the cutting edge and blade, in order to encourage smooth movement as it passes through material. Although it also enhances penetration through many “non-sticky” substrates, Die-Slide’s best performance is when used with materials that will eventually gum-up your cutting tools.

Die-Slide maintains a better cutting edge than tools with coatings that are endorsed for their non-stick capabilities. In order for many of these coatings to work, the bare tool has to be bead-blasted or surface-etched in order to make a mechanical tie between the coating and surface. This kind of fix automatically dulls a cutting edge before you even get to use it.

Applying Die-Slide to die's side
Die-Slide can also be applied using an airbrush.

Die-Slide is more than a coating. As a treatment, it is a patented product that generates an automatic chemical linking process to the applied surface. Because of this, the tool stays as sharp after application as before. The cutting edges last longer before having to re-sharpen, re-rule or replace altogether because of the reduction of friction on the blade. Beyond sharpness, and just as important, Die-Slide’s slip-ability will equal and in many cases outperform a coating such as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), without sacrificing edge quality of the tool.

"We treated and installed one of our knives for baloney-style slitting of VHB tape – it went through the material like butter! Maintenance has been instructed to treat all of our slitting blades going forward."

— Walt Emmett
H-O Products, Winsted, CT

Die-Slide is a one-step operation that takes place at room temperature. Application is simple with a cotton swab, or a cloth. Even an air brush may be used, in order to optimize its usage and diminish waste from overuse. Less is better when Die-Slide is applied! In order for Die-Slide to be most useful, the effect requires several days—up to five—to be at peak performance. The only pre-requisite for using Die-Slide is that you start with a clean surface—that’s all there is to it!

Additionally, Die-Slide-treated tools are often used far outside normal, ambient conditions. If many adhesives cause issues at room temperature, we know that these adhesives as well as plastics, when heated, soften and begin to flow and stick to cutting tools with devilish ease. Die-Slide operating conditions far exceed all heated converting cut requirements—up to 1200°F (650°C).

Die-Slide is safe—the fully process-linked treated tool may be used in most medical and food grade die cutting applications.

Some of Die-Slide’s tool applications include:

  • Steel rule dies
  • Class “A” male-female die sets
  • Machined flatbed dies
  • Machined rotary dies
  • Flexible metal “chem-etch” die plates for flatbed and rotary applications
  • All types of slitting blades
  • Guillotine-style shear cutters
  • Knife plotter blades
  • Scissors and hand-held craft knives used for prototyping (Exacto® or other)
  • Hot and cold needle perforation tools
  • Extrusion dies
  • Embossing plates

All tools wear from use over a period of time, and so Die-Slide’s advanced technology will wear with use as well. In this case, an entire reapplication is not necessary for continued operation. Die-Slide™ Renovate may be used when the tool begins to show signs of residue accumulation. It requires only an application at the end of the day, so that a tool may be ready for use following an overnight linking period.

Die-Slide Animation

Die-Slide is economical! Up to 930 linear inches (~23,6 metres) of steel rule can be treated from one ounce (29,5 mL) of liquid. This assumes that you’re treating only the amount of blade that is exposed from the die board—about three-tenths of an inch (~0,8 cm). One ounce of Die-Slide will cover an area of up to 600 square inches (3870 cm2). For other edge and surface applications, we suggest that you estimate the coverage you believe will be required as a guide for future use.

Order Today! Good tool and press maintenance will always be important for a successful work result. And Die-Slide will improve production with your best practices and improve your bottom line. If you’ve ever been in a sticky situation and have been concerned about lost press time, compare the cost of Die-Slide to the savings possible in your production facility by ordering today!


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