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When it comes to production solutions for abrasive material processing, Preco is the dominant market supplier. We handle it all, from wide-web processing of heavy grit abrasives through micro-polishing grits for glass polishing or fiber-optic end connectors. Preco's die cutting and laser cutting technology is your advanced abrasive processing solution, with either purpose built equipment for installation at your facility or toll converting using our suite of in-house production equipment.

Preco Solutions

Flatbed Die Cutting

  • Preco's Automated Flatbed Converting System is the industry work-horse for producing abrasive discs with steel rule dies.
  • Standard disc configurations and large diameter dust holes with controlled slug removal are an ideal production solution for this technology.
  • Our abrasive toll converting service can die cut web widths up to 24 inches.

Rotary Die Cutting

  • Preco's Rotary Converting Platform is an ideal rotary die cutting solution for high end processing of micro-abrasive materials, especially those with a polyester substrate.
  • Precise tension control allows various substrates, such as pressure-sensitive adhesives or hook and loop to be laminated and rotary die cut in the same set-up.
  • Fast web speeds incorporating rotary die cutting solutions can greatly reduce the cost of converted abrasives.
  • Preco offers both equipment solutions and contract manufacturing toll converting services utilizing rotary converting technology.

Laser Cutting

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  • A narrow web workhorse that provides two incoming unwind stations allowing a backing to be laminated to the abrasive prior to processing.
  • Laser powers available to meet your production requirements.

Engineered Laser Systems

  • High production system offering multiple laser stations across a wide web.
  • Ideal for high density dust free hole abrasive disc technology
  • Avoid the cost of the capital investment by leveraging Preco's toll converting options. Preco offers contract toll production of high density, dust free hole abrasive discs in our Abrasive Laser Processing Center.
  • Proprietary laser cutting and disc handling technique including robotic unload, counting, and stacking of completed discs.

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Abrasives Processing

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  • Various grits of abrasives
  • Various backing materials
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