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Preco, Inc. is uniquely positioned to provide the optimal production solution for your Lab-on-a-Chip microfluidic device. Preco's production solutions target polymer laminated devices which produce high quality, low cost devices. Working with our customers, we have developed innovative production and laminating techniques which have met our customers demanding design, quality and pricing specifications.

Whether you want to launch production at your facility or utilize contract manufacturing, Preco is your solution. Involving us prior to your clinical trials and 510k submission allows production processes and process capabilities to be established and documented. Preco can then configure your production equipment for your in-house production or for production in our ISO 13485 contract manufacturing facility.

With Preco, you not only have access to all the production options you require with our equipment configurations, but also the industry experts that can recommend and guide you to the optimal production solution for your specific requirements.

Strengths & Capabilities

Preco offers well rounded strengths and capabilities that are unmatched in the market:

  • Our Contract Manufacturing Services (CMS) operates 24/7 in a production space that can be configured to meet your production and growth requirements. This group is registered to ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 standards, encompasses nine engineers and managers and a staff of 13 operators and assemblers.
  • World-wide sales and service support including an established facility in China.
  • A portfolio of Intellectual Property that can be leveraged to your advantage offering low cost high quality production solutions.
  • Process development capabilities that include a staff of nine application development and manufacturing engineers to define and develop production protocols whether it's die cutting, laser cutting or precision laminating techniques.

Overview  |  Contract Manufacturing  |  Technology and Techniques

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