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Preco is a leading provider of processing systems and services in the packaging industry. Unique to Preco is the ability to offer multiple packaging solutions, including die cutters and laser processing systems. With a focus on the future of packaging, let Preco assist you in finding which solution is ideal for your needs.


AcuBreathe® - Laser micro-perforating solutions for easy-breathe, easy-fill and easy-pack packaging. From gas transmission to moisture release, AcuBreathe® laser micro-perforating can be tailored to fit a range of material types and thicknesses. Preco patented laser beam compression software will allow micro-perforations at rates 3 times faster than industry standards.

AcuTear® - Laser scoring for easy open / easy tear packaging. Laser scoring allows for controlled tear propagation while maintaining package strength and barrier properties. Laser contour scoring enhances access to closure technology.

FlashLite™ - The compact size and unparalleled flexibility of the Flashlite enables it to be integrated over virtually any existing production line. AcuTear® and/or AcuBreathe® processing speeds up to 1,000 ft/min (305m/min) dependant upon film type and thickness.

Die Cutters

Some of the key features that die cutters seek to incorporate into their packaging and paper processing include accuracy of the cut (positioning of the tool to the cut or position of the part to the print), quality of the cut (cut part that leaves no contamination behind), depth of cut and cut depth consistency.  Whether die cutters are processing cartons, medical package envelopes, binder stiffeners, napkins or other items, Preco can provide either afloat bed or rotary solution.  Preco machines can incorporate score cutting, kiss cutting, through cutting, creasing, and perforating to best fit the die cutting application..  

Preco Advantages


  • Non-contact processing
  • Precise and adjustable scoring depth
  • Accurate processing during ramp-up and ramp-down
  • Materials from 2 to 12 mil in thickness
  • Adjustable laser focus to accommodate film thickness
  • Patented beam compression units create more consistent holes at faster speeds
  • Clean micro-perforation holes - Heat energy seals the edge of the holes making them stronger. No slugs remain on the film.
  • Enhanced shelf life -micro-perforations help achieve airflow and moisture release to maintain freshness of produce
  • Easier filling / no spillage - micro-perforations allow air to escape while containing product
  • Reduced shipping costs -  More packages compress to fit a container


  • Cut-to-print accuracy as tight as ± 0.001" (0.01254mm) in 1, 2 or 3 axis possible with Preco registration systems.
  • Labor intensive pilot or registration hole punching process eliminated with the Preco registration system reducing additional handling steps.
  • Increased speed for laminating sheet stock with Preco in-line laminators that turn sheet stock into a continuous loop of material to automatically feed into the die cutter.
  • Selective adhesive laminating is fast with Preco lamination systems that register the adhesive to the pre-printed stock.
  • Single pass processing for emboss/de boss and die cutting via accurate depth control.
  • Increased system versatility. Preco presses handle both sheet and roll material.
  • Reduced die costs with high speed processing.  Increases throughput with fewer cavities.
  • Versatility to handle virtually any type of flat bed tool, via Preco four post design.  Tools include steel rule, male/female, combination, progressive,chemically etched, machined.
  • Custom built for all industries and markets with help from Preco’s Engineering and Design team.

The applications team at Preco has extensive knowledge in the packaging industry. Contact Preco to learn how we can assist you in finding the ideal solution for your package processing needs.

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