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Preco Performance

Preco Performance

December, 2009 | Volume 1, Issue 3

Tim BurnsHappy Holidays

On behalf of all of us at Preco, I am delighted to extend our best wishes to you and your families for a very peaceful, happy holiday season and a prosperous 2010. With one of the most challenging years in the world's economic history drawing to a close, it is a good time for all of us to look forward to a new year of opportunities. Read more...

Tim Burns, President & CEO

This Issue's Articles

Start your new year with a software upgrade
Tap into Preco's Engineering Capabilities
Are you maximizing the life and performance of your Preco processing equipment?

What's so special about 2010?

Did you know a Hughes Aircraft employee, Theodore Maiman, used synthetic ruby to invent the world's first working laser on May 16, 1960? Just 18 years later, in 1978, Preco began installing lasers in its processing equipment. In 2010, on the 50th anniversary of Maiman's accomplishment, you can find Preco laser processing equipment functioning with speed and precision in all parts of the world.

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