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Preco Performance

Preco Performance

June, 2010 | Volume 2, Issue 1

This Issue's Articles

Preco Expands Contract Manufacturing Services
A new addition to Preco's Somerset, Wisconsin plant now offers customers an opportunity to process metal components with heat-treating and aluminum oxide blasting. The 2,160 square foot addition contains an 8-foot high, 5.5' x 10' BeaverMatic heat treat furnace that can heat treat material up to 1300 degrees Fahrenheit; a 14' x 14' aluminum oxide blast booth that can accommodate material as large as 10' x 10'; a 5-ton overhead bridge crane and a new lighting system that will ensure top quality visual and dimensional inspections.

Tim Smith
Sweden Office Originated in the Early Days of Lasers
The relationship between Preco and Tim Smith, the Managing Director of LMI AB, Preco's Swedish service and sales office, goes back to the mid-1980s when Smith first met Bill Lawson, the founder of Laser Machining, Inc. (LMI).


Medical Products Industry Appreciates Preco's Expertise, Versatility and Reliability
When you consider how quickly the world of medicine is changing and expanding these days, it’s not surprising that demand for Preco’s processing equipment and contract manufacturing services among medical product manufacturers and converters is growing rapidly as well.

Preco Explores Solar Systems
As new solar energy technology emerges, Preco is playing an integral role in thin-film web applications. Preco engineers are designing technology that will help solar energy product manufacturers cut, process and produce solar cells more efficiently and economically. Several different substrates and three different thin-film platforms are currently being worked on. In addition, Preco will also be able to provide a complete processing system that will help handle the back-end production processes such as screen printing, testing, cell singulation (edge deletion), cell array assembly and lamination. Watch for more information in the coming months.


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