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Preco Performance

Preco Performance

June, 2011 | Volume 3, Issue 2

This Issue's Articles

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Fine, Intricate Metal Cutting Just Got Faster and More Efficient
Preco has always offered equipment to cut thin metals with good results, and now we have improved those capabilities even more. Preco engineers recently developed a specialized cutting head for low power, high brightness fiber lasers that can increase production speed, while lowering energy consumption and reducing floor space requirements.

Randy NormanProper Set-Up Tools and Other Tips
This is the fourth and final article in a series about how to set up an efficient die cutting press system. Following are excerpts of a presentation made by Randy Norman, Preco Applications Specialist, at an Odyssey Exposition.

FlexPro SystemCheck Out Our Ready-To-Ship, Used and Almost New Equipment!
As you know, Preco will custom design and build brand new equipment to meet your needs. In addition, we offer demo units that are like new or used equipment that has been utilized for Contract Manufacturing Services at our plants. Now is a great time to buy used or new equipment based on the extraordinary 2011 tax incentives still in place.


Order New or Used Equipment Now, Not Later, To Maximize Tax Savings
Place your orders for Preco equipment soon to ensure delivery before the end of 2011 so you can take advantage of some amazing, one-time tax incentives. A delivery in 2012 could cost you a lot more when the incentives drop to lower levels.


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