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Preco Performance

Preco Performance

July, 2012 | Volume 4, Issue 3

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New Preco Thermal Feedback Sensor Improves the Accuracy of Laser Heat Treating and Reduces Scrap
Customers who need to heat treat (harden) selected areas in transformation hardenable metal components (such as large machined parts, gears, spindles and certain small parts) can dramatically improve the repeatability of the process with Preco’s new process control package now being offered to our heat treating customers.

Preco Can Help You Expand with a Full Range of Bundled Solutions
Historically, the "make or buy" decisions were straightforward and easy to calculate. Typically, our customers would purchase a particular machine or request contract service support for a process or a component. In today’s tight capital market environment, however, Preco is taking a far more complete view of the overall customer requirement and business picture.

See Preco at a Tradeshow Near You
Preco representatives will be exhibiting at 10 tradeshows between July 17 and December 13. At five of the shows, we will have operating equipment to demonstrate how the latest processing technology can save you time and material—and ultimately help you increase revenue.

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