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Preco Performance

Preco Performance

January, 2013 | Volume 5, Issue 1

This Issue's Articles

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Looking Forward to a Brighter 2013

On behalf of all of us at Preco, I hope the coming year brings much happiness, peace and good health to you and your families. The recent, senseless and tragic event in Connecticut reminds us of how truly fragile our lives really are. Many of us go about our daily routines consumed by commitments, activities, meetings, and rushing about — until something suddenly happens that wakes us up to what’s really important — our family and friends. Read More

Preco Subjects Laser and Galvanometer Scanhead Components to Rigorous Testing

Two of Preco’s most important core technologies are lasers and galvanometer scanheads. Since the state of the art for these technologies continues to advance at a rapid pace, Preco places a high priority on staying current with the latest developments. Preco has an ongoing program for evaluating and benchmarking the performance for both new lasers and galvanometer scanheads. Testing results are extremely valuable when it... Read More

Preco Enhances RT1000 Micro Tube Cutting System

Preco has been quietly supplying micro tube cutting systems to the medical industry for years primarily for cutting metals. The workhorse system for these applications, our RT1000 system, has been constantly upgraded over the years as new laser tools and components have become available. Read More

Preco Advances Automated Die Cutting Technology

Multistep registered die cutting processes in both roll-to-roll and web formats continue to be enhanced at Preco’s Die Cutting Division Headquarters in Lenexa, KS. One of the best examples is Preco’s Rotary Converting Platform (RCP) where the latest laser, galvanometer and control advancements are continuously upgraded to meet specific customer applications. Read More


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