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Preco Performance
Preco Performance

January, 2014 | Volume 6, Issue 1

This Issue's Articles

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FlexPro Systems

Investments Bring Competitive Advantages to Our Customers

I always enter a new year with a renewed sense of excitement. But it seems I am greeting 2014 with extra-special anticipation. This is largely because of what Preco has accomplished in 2013 to lay the groundwork for the future… continued investments in technology, facilities and people that will allow us to serve our customers with greater speed and agility.
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Lab-on-a-Chip System

Preco Commercializes Lab-on-a-Chip Production

For over 35 years, Preco has been considered the equipment supplier of choice in the high-volume production of membrane switches worldwide. Our expertise in this market has been successfully transitioned for use in medical device manufacturing, which makes us uniquely positioned to provide the optimal solution for the production of polymer laminated structures found in Lab-on-a-Chip (LOC) microfluidic devices. Read More


Expanding Metalworking

For over 30 years, Preco has provided the world's metalworking industry with the most complete selection of laser-based contract manufacturing services and systems, including laser welding, cladding and heat treating. Now, to meet a broader range of technology and quality requirements, we have integrated traditional welding and manufacturing techniques into our in-house processes. Read More



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