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Preco, Inc. Expands Abrasives Laser Processing Center

Laser Cutting AbrasivesJuly 16, 2014, Somerset, WI - Preco, Inc. is pleased to announce the expansion of their Abrasives Laser Processing Center in Somerset, WI. Responding to customer demand, Preco expanded their production capability with the addition of another high production laser system to support contract production of laser cut abrasive discs for abrasive manufacturers. For over 50 years Preco, has supplied abrasive manufacturers with die cutting presses for the production of abrasive discs. The opening of this production center continues Preco's support in this key market by providing abrasive converters with access to the latest laser processing technology configured specifically for the abrasives market.

Abrasive manufacturers continue to be pressed by their customers to supply complex features, micro dust free holes, or short production runs at low price points. However, the cost of high powered laser systems for the abrasives market is often a barrier to purchase, especially for smaller converters. Preco addresses that obstacle with this new offering. An added benefit for abrasive converters will be test marketing new designs or for rapid market introduction of new products.

The new abrasive laser system consists of a 'roll to part' processing system capable of handling 30" wide rolls. The high powered multiple laser system is capable of processing internal features and also periphery cuts at high production rates. Finished discs are separated from the web and counted and stacked by robot for insertion into customer packaging. The laser system is configured for high through-put resulting in competitive pricing and quick turn-around. Converters can run long term production or it can be a short term solution as Preco builds a production system for the converter. With over 35 years of contract manufacturing experience, a quality management system registered to ISO 9001, and a product focus in the abrasives market, Preco is well positioned to provide this new capability to their existing abrasives customer base.

Preco, a global leader for laser processing and die cutting solutions, uniquely provides manufacturers with a comprehensive offering of products and services.

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