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Certified Clean Room Now Available at Preco

Preco, Inc. recently constructed and certified a clean room at its Somerset, Wisconsin manufacturing facility to assist product manufacturers and converters with high speed, precision clean room processing. Certified to Federal Standard 209E Class 100,000, with the ability to upgrade to Class 10,000 if needed, Preco’s clean room creates the ideal controlled environment for medical devices, renewable energy products such as solar panel components, packaging, optical products, and electronics/flex circuitry manufacturing applications and more.

Preco's wide range of advanced laser processing and rotary die cutting technology can be used to assist manufacturers and converters with clean room applications.

Preco, Inc. manufactures customized automated processing systems for high speed, precision cutting, perforating, welding and other specialized industrial processing applications. Preco is also one of the largest contract manufacturing service providers in North America.

For more information, you can email us at webmaster@precoinc.com or simply fill out our Request Info form.

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