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Preco Inc. Introduces Coil & Roll Laser Processing Systems
for Metals

Mini WebPro SystemSomerset, WI, September 12, 2014 - Preco Inc. introduces high speed, discrete part, laser processing system for "tool free" processing of coil fed metallic materials. The system utilizes fiber based lasers with high speed galvanometer technology for high speed materials processing. The system includes unwind components to handle up to 10" wide coiled metallic foil, composite foil, or coated foils. Processing includes laser cutting of discrete parts, precision scoring, or selective ablation of coated areas. Transport out of cut zone is via conveyer or optional automation. The system will also accommodate precision spot or continuous laser welding applications, when configured with optional tooling or component placement automation.

Preco, Inc. offers a full range of laser system products that includes integration of a wide range of industrial solid state or gas lasers from a few watts in output power to multi-kilowatt power levels. Specific wavelengths based on the application offer a fully optimized processing system. The base platform includes controls for "process on the fly" or step and repeat, vision registration or inspection and fully remote diagnostics and monitoring.

Preco, Inc. provides material processing systems to the fuel cell, battery, gasket, flexible circuit, energy, medical or any markets that utilize uncoated or coated metals.

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