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Preco, Inc. Offers Fiber Laser Processing Systems and Services

Fiber Laser Head on Robot Arm(Somerset, WI) Preco, Inc. is one of only a few job shops in the U.S. that offers fiber laser contract manufacturing services. The superior beam quality of fiber lasers increases the laser's brightness and focusability, making them an ideal choice for precision welding, cutting, cladding, converting and ablating processes. Preco offers a range of fiber lasers from 200 watts to ten-kilowatts, in-house at its Somerset, Wisconsin facility to meet any metal processing application.

Fiber laser systems are energy efficient and have a smaller footprint than conventional lasers. When compared to CO2 and Nd:YAG lasers, fiber lasers provide lower operating costs, less gas usage and greatly improved process speeds. A fiber laser system also requires little maintenance due to the extreme longevity of the fiber laser.

Preco, Inc. manufactures customized automated processing systems for high speed, precision cutting, perforating, welding and other specialized industrial processing applications. Preco is also one of the largest contract manufacturing service providers in North America.

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