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Preco, Inc. System Sale to Brazilian Senai Institute of Laser Innovation

Somerset, WI, USA – August 19, 2016 – Preco, Inc. announces the receipt of a $1.78MM USD order for a high powered, multi-laser development and manufacturing cell from the Brazilian Senai Institute of Laser Innovation, Joinville-SC-Brazil.

Senai is a private non-profit and one of the largest technical training organizations in the world. It is chartered to raise industrial competitiveness by promoting innovation and offering technological solutions for the development of products and processes, specifically working with laser welding, additive manufacturing and surface hardening technology.

Preco Inc. will be providing Senai with a highly flexible, SL-8600 hybrid laser/MIG system, based on Cartesian machine tool motion configured for industrial, laser based, production or development. David Plourde, EVP, Preco Inc. notes that the system is being built in Somerset, Wisconsin and includes two high powered lasers, one 10kW disk laser and one 6kW diode laser. The system will be capable of hybrid laser welding, additive manufacturing, surface and heat treatment and other high powered laser processing development.

Preco Inc. is a laser system manufacturer offering a wide range of Cartesian, XY & Z rotary stations, remote single or multiple galvo laser material processing machine tools with robotic or roll fed automation. Preco also offers contract manufacturing services for additive manufacturing, welding, specialty cutting, heat treating and drilling, in industries such as: transportation, off road, marine, oil and gas, energy generation and battery storage.

For more information please contact;

David G. Plourde, EVP
Preco, Inc.
500 Laser Drive, Somerset, WI 54025 USA
Office: 715-247-3285
Mobile: 651-208-2480
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