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Rotary Converting Platform (RCP) Series
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RCP 3-6 System

For Us, Standard Means More Than One Size.

What happens when you realize the choice to stay basic can also provide for job flexibility?

Preco offers three standard model sizes—on 7, 5, and 3 station manifolds and each holding a full complement of station modules.

Job shops often wish they didn't have to make a "one size fits all" decision of putting simple part onto a rotary, only to see a bunch of leftover stations. And then you get that large multi-layer order and you're stuck until that big machine comes available again. That's why Preco makes equipment that not only can fit the work being done, but also can improve your capital equipment budget as well.

Many of the options Preco offers on the Rotary Converting Platform™ are not only useful for our standard models, but also for our custom-built systems. What each Rotary Converting Platform has in common is the availability of dozens of accessories and modules. Our object is to keep special engineering costs down whenever possible and leave them for the more unusual changes that happen when that huge special project comes along.

Rotary Converting Platform
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Need an RCP for a special product? Preco builds custom-made platforms!

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Why do companies choose Rotary Converting Platform with a laser?

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Run out of spindles before running out of stations while setting up your job?

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Do you ever want to process faster, but your registration won't keep up?

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