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Rotary Converting Platform (RCP) Series
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RCP 5-10 System

The Best Results at Any Speed.

The RCP™ delivers higher accuracy and quicker make-ready.

From the moment you begin setting up the job and through the entire run, the Preco Rotary Converting Platform performs with money-saving features that are hard to beat!

Experience precision from your lowest setting up to our maximum of 300 feet per minute. Any rate of speed gives you a cut-to-cut tolerance to as good as ±0.006 in (150um).

High-value products beg for low-waste setup, in both time and material. By using the accuracy of your tool, the RCP uses as little as 40% of the substrate you normally need to arrive at a good part and ready to run. Even most splices can recover smoothly.

Scaled for affordability! The Rotary Converting Platform is available in standard 3, 5 and 7 station configurations for 10, 13, 16 and 20 inch material widths.

Rotary Converting Platform
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Run out of spindles before running out of stations while setting up your job?

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Why do companies choose Rotary Converting Platform with a laser?

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Need an RCP for a special product? Preco builds custom-made platforms!

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Get robust rotary performance in our standard systems that won’t break the bank.

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