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Rotary Converting Platform (RCP) Series
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Itís typical to see rotary equipment out there that does not take into account the complexity of parts that are being assembled today. Preco has standardized the ratio of two spindles for every die station for better availability and to make layered construction an easier task.

Be Generous. Give Your Jobs Some Growing Room.

What's the use of process stations if you don't have enough spindles to go around?

You might have a rotary die cutter in your shop right now that has 6 or 7 stations on it. What do you do during setup when you come up short on that job you just landed? Ok, if you have only 6 or 8 spindles on your system, you can probably add an air rewinder if you need to.

Or you can suddenly consider why you have been living with a spindle shortage every other time youíre awarded a contract with a complex layer construction. The Preco Rotary Converting Platform provides an abundance of unwind and rewind capacity — in fact, a ratio of 2 spindles to each die station on our standard models — so that you spend more time planning than "planning around."

RCPs are also wider — more space between stations, and more spots for idler roller placements, which means more ability to adjust all your components for improved web paths.

Rotary Converting Platform
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Need an RCP for a special product? Preco builds custom-made platforms!

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Why do companies choose Rotary Converting Platform with a laser?

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Get robust rotary performance in our standard systems that wonít break the bank.

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