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Rotary Converting Platform (RCP) Series
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Purpose Built RCP System

Custom Equipment
is One of Our Standards.

Engineer your RCP™ to construct exactly the part you need.

Have you ever noticed that some of the things you make have only a single way to produce it? When the quantities are high, it makes sense to have dedicated equipment.

Preco designs and builds unique rotary converting solutions for medical, abrasive, automotive and electronics applications. Each custom-built product is made to address both the specifications and the difficulty of the product build.

What each Rotary Converting Platform has in common is the availability of dozens of optional accessories and modules. Our customers also take advantage of Preco's standard base model configurations, which allow initial engineering costs to be reserved for only the most out-of-the-ordinary modifications that achieve the results required for the product.

Rotary Converting Platform
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Run out of spindles before running out of stations while setting up your job?

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Get robust rotary performance in our standard systems that won’t break the bank.

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