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Lamination Systems
3 Spindle Lamination System

Focused on Flexibility

Creative ways to use laminated materials continue to emerge, and there are a variety of processing options, dependent upon materials and technology. Some converters process promotional products. Some focus more on processing abrasives. No matter what the process, laminations often require additional handling, adding one more step. For example, laminating prior to press and die cutting steps. How a converter may do their processing varies. Systems capable of handling various materials are essential. Preco, with years of experience in design and engineering, focuses on processing needs and manufactures custom lamination machines. These machines may include as many as six spindles to unwind the substrate, rewind the material, laminate it, and then enable further in-line processing.

The Leader in Pattern-to-Pattern Matching
of Web Materials

Our process is used widely for the precise lamination of electronics and medical parts, as well as for simpler mass-produced graphical promotions. Preco creates several types of lamination systems, based on registration tolerance requirement, the need for selecting between in-line or freestanding construction, and the choice of pressure sensitive or heated adhesive methods.

Preco Advantages

  • Preco can laminate in-line, bypassing the need to rewind the material, eliminating any off-line processing that may cause wrinkling of the PSA liner
  • Preco can laminate roll to roll, sheet to roll and sheet to sheet
  • Can laminate pressure sensitive adhesives
  • Selective or full adhesive coverage for laminations
  • Capable of handling material widths up to 60"
  • Custom built for all industries and markets with help from Preco's Engineering and Design team
  • Consistent registration for laminating sheet to sheet, sheet to roll & roll to roll laminating

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  • Laminating information
    to magnets
  • ID Cards
  • Photo Cards
  • Picture Tags
  • Insurance ID Cards
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Automotive
  • Selective Adhesive
  • Abrasives
  • Medical
  • Trans-dermal Patches
  • Abrasive Materials
  • Open Cell Foam
  • Closed Cell Foam
  • Backing Materials
  • Pressure Sensitive Backing
  • Paper
  • Cloth
  • Velcro® pressure
    sensitive backing
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Lamination Systems
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