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Laser Converting Systems

Our goal is to build industrial laser systems that represent the most direct and efficient route from inception to finished product. Relying on technologies such as high speed hydraulics, machine vision registration, and microprocessor controls, we eliminate inefficiencies in material and labor usage, and make the overall process faster and more precise.

With years of experience, Preco has customized equipment for companies in need of laser integration for a variety of markets. Each of these companies came to Preco with one question: How can I do this faster and smarter? A Preco custom or standard system provided the answer.

FlexPro® Series
FlexPro Laser Cutting Machine
The FlexPro combines the speed of galvanometer processing with the versatility of an XY motion system, features highly accurate and tight tolerance laser processing of flexible circuits, membrane switches, digital printed products and medical devices.
Mini FlexPro Laser System
Mini FlexPro
The Mini FlexPro Laser Processing System offers innovative and cost-effective solutions for laser processing of flexible circuits, membrane switches, digital printed products and medical devices.
WebPro® Series
Lightning Bolt 3000 Laser System
Lightning Bolt
The Lightning Bolt Series feature single unit laser converting systems designed specifically for handling a wide variety of web materials.
WebPro Laser System
The WebPro digital laser cutting systems are rapidly reconfigured for changing job requirements and are the ideal match for short run jobs in all sizes and materials.
FlashLite™ Modules
FlexStar Laser Machining System
The FlashLite laser modules offer laser cutting, kiss cutting, scoring and micro-perforating. The compact size along with economical and unparalleled flexibility of the FlashLite enables it to be integrated over virtually any existing production line.
FlexStar Laser Machining System
This wide web format machine utilizes roll to roll processing and high performance UV and CO2 lasers to achieve high productivity in micro-machining products like flexible printed circuits, membrane switches and medical devices.
Inspire Series
LyraLight Series
Inspire 140C Laser System
Inspire Series
Preco's Inspire systems offer a lower cost solution and serve as a complement to the products Preco currently offers.
Lyralight 160 Laser System
Lyralight 160
The LyraLight 160 is a high speed marking, scoring and cutting system that provides beam delivery via galvanometer.

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