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Lightning Bolt™ Series – LB3000
LB Series Laser Cutting Systems

The Lightning Bolt 3000 (LB3000) is a single unit laser cutter and converting system designed specifically for handling a wide variety of web materials. Converting (cutting, kiss-cutting, scoring, perforating, etc.) can be achieved at speeds up to 5080 mm/second (200"/second).

A three-axis motion control system directs the laser beam precisely over the cutting area. The motion control system is supported by Windows® Lightning Bolt™ control software.

The Lightning Bolt 1000, a compact and economical version of the Preco high speed "directed beam" technology, provides laser processing for various applications. Through cutting, kiss-cutting, via drilling and laser marking can be achieved at speeds in the hundreds of inches per second.

If you already have the material handling, the LB1000 Laser Module is all you need. This laser module is a cost effective complete laser package that can be added to virtually any web or sheet handling line.

The LB1000 Series system consists of a laser, chiller, controller, beam delivery and a galvo with enclosure. The components are configurable to fit into fairly tight spaces as may be found in many production lines. The LB1000 may operate in either an on-the-fly or step-and-repeat manner.

Features Benefits

Lightning Bolt® Vision

Registers parts before processing and aligns cut patterns to fiducials - either printed or mold marks. Inspection of part available after processing for 100% quality control.

Fast processing speed

Cuts parts from moving webs for maximum production rates.

Soft Tooling / non-contact processing

Eliminates tool and die fabrication, maintenance and storage

Easy to use Windows® based software

Enables make-to-order processing of short-run or complex jobs.

Laser cutting is a "forceless" process

Produces intricate patterns and fine details. Superior part quality that cannot be replicated using the die-cutting process

Adjustable field of view (FOV) (available)

Allows for optimized cut speed and cut quality from one job to the next

Compact Size

Small footprint allows system to be used virtually anywhere - from prototyping labs to production facilities

Optional Vision System

Allows precise cutting of imperfectly positioned materials or compensation for screen stretch.

Preco patented
Provides consistent processing independent of cut shape and processing speeds
Job database Reduces set-up time; consistent production from operator to operator
Low operating costs High through-put and low operating cost mean increased margins
Adaptable/Integratable I/O available for seamless interface to existing production line or material


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