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MedPro Medical Laser System

Medical devices are becoming smaller and more complex. Lasers are both a necessity and a valuable asset in the fabrication of medical devices.

The precision, repeatability, versatility and cleanliness of the laser operation is ideal for catheters and other medical devices. Small holes/surface removal can be processed into these devices in a variety of different configurations for the placement of drug coatings.

The MedPro laser system provides high speed, tight tolerance laser processing for flat sheet or rotary applications.

XY Table with Galvanometer Larger sheets and part sizes to be cut with higher precision and better quality

Automatic Tiling

Saves programming time because large cut fields are automatically segmented to fit current field-of-view
Fixed 2-Axis Scanhead Optimized field-of-view for the fastest throughput
Preco Patented Acupower™ Provides uniform processing independent of cut shape and processing speeds
Job Database Reduces set-up time; consistent production from operator to operator
Automation Choices Rotary (1500 rpm) with ER-16 collect 25mm lift stage - adjust material height under scan head or fixed beam
Pneumatic Exhaust Gate Programmable vacuum control during load and unload process
Laser Choices Configured to accept various laser wavelengths and power based on material to be processed
XY Table with Fixed Beam Allows intricate processing in sheet or rotary form


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Key Features
  • Quick changeovers
  • Flexible vision system
  • User-friendly programming
  • Accuracies to 0.00127mm
  • Variety of laser wavelengths
  • Cut speed up to 623mm/sec
  • Ablation / Material shaping
  • Microvia / Micro-holes
  • Micro-cutting
  • Welding
Materials Processed
  • Catheters
  • Guide wire
  • Implants
  • Surgical tools
  • Tubing
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