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Robotic Cell

Robotic Cell Laser System

Preco offers a standard robotic processing cell for laser cutting, welding, heat treating, and cladding applications utilizing fiber delivered laser sources and the latest technology 6 axis robots. The system is built with a singular construction and includes all electrical, pneumatic, and exhaust items conveniently located in the unit. The steel welded frame and enclosure has numerous windows for viewing, large access doors on each side, many options for part load and unload, and multiple fork lift access points built in for easy shipment and in-plant moves. Preco uses a master controller to tie all of the components (laser, robot, fixtures, rotary or shuttle tables, etc.) into an easy to use operator friendly turnkey system.

Preco has a large variety of options for introducing parts to the work cell. Some of which include turntables, shuttle tables, robot load/unload.


  • Steel welded frame
  • CDRH Class I enclosure
  • 6 axis robot positioner
    (size and brand specific to each customer’s needs and preferences)
  • Turn key system controls
  • Single piece construction with all necessary electronics, pneumatics, and exhaust built in
  • Configurable construction from standard components
  • Cable management system


  • Basic system will use the robot controller
  • Integrated systems will have a master control for the robot, laser, motion and tooling with an easy to use operator interface

Laser Sources

  • Fiber Laser
  • Fiber delivered laser sources
  • Preco beam delivery with wide variety of options

Option: Add on pallet for laser and chiller (separate or attached) can be enclosed and air conditioned

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  • Welding
  • Heat treating
  • Cladding
  • Cutting
  • Remote Welding
Add Ons
  • Linear Track
  • Rotary
  • Turn-Table
  • Single or Dual Turn-Table
  • Additional Robot(s) for Part Load/Unload
  • Custom fixtures
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