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MTS Series System
MTS Series Screen Printing System

Close Tolerance Web Screen Printing

Close tolerance screen and stencil printing is usually associated with smaller-format substrates and print areas such as used in micro-electronics. In recent times, however, there is a growing need for larger-format applications as used in the medical, solar, display, and flexible electronic circuitry fields.

MTS® Series printers allow better process stability for large areas--in all axes, and with superior results based on your screen making capabilities.  Preco's X-Y-theta camera registration can be equipped with a variety of fiducial recognition techniques, to provide unique repeatable accuracy for all formats.

X-Y-theta vision registration & positionable frame
Allows the web to be firmly fixed in place during the print stroke.
Moving Table System
Maximum to minimum images are printed from the center of the screen –
"sweet-spot" printing.
Solid-steel 50mm-thick printing surface
The most technically-flat print table in the industry – assures uniform ink thickness in accordance with the stencil.
Four individual off-contact motors
Programmable off-contact and peel from the monitor easily provides distance setting, peel rate and starting point.
Cassette-style screen insertion & pneumatic locking
Easy frame loading encourages fast machine job setup.
Simulated Step-and-Repeat™
Indexed images can be spaced evenly to within ±0.075 mm to each progression.
Choice of squeegee operation modes*
Permits traditional screen printing, or stencil-plate printing used for applying solder paste, blind-via fills, photoimageable compositions, etc.
Integrated web splicing
Allows new roll introduction for continuous feeding.
Web tension control*
Prepares substrate for required printing condition.
Inspection table
Immediate availability of just-printed wet ink sample for image correction during setup.
Registration strategies*
Ability to select blob analysis (standard), scribed line recognition, reading of back-lighted materials, reading of transparent patterns
*denotes option if selected for your specific requirements.

Finishing Accessories

  • Drying Options:
    • Tower convection (various lengths)
    • UV curing (microwave or ballast medium pressure lamps)
      • Substrate cooling during the UV cure
      • Dichroics, quartz shielding
      • Custom substrate chill plates
    • Infra-red curing solutions
  • Contact or Non-Contact Web Cleaning
  • Corona Treatment
  • Static Neutralization
  • Inline capabilities:
    • Slitting
    • Die cutting
    • Laser marking, scoring or cutting
    • Web Interleaving and lamination. Provides capability for slip sheeting,
      wet-ink spacer introduction, mask application or removal etc.
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  • Flexible Circuitry (solder mask, photo-imageable coatings, nomenclature, etc.)
  • SMD (web solder paste application, blind via fills, conductive adhesives, etc.)
  • Bio-Sensors (test strips, tab electrodes, defibrillator pads, etc.)
  • Thin-Film Solar Photo-Voltaics (collectors, insulators, z-connectors)
  • Displays (bistable, electro-luminescent, etc.)
  • RFID (antennas, interposers, connectors, etc.)
  • Fuel Cells
  • Membrane Switch Assemblies (overlays, circuitry, adhesive, etc.)
Materials Processed
  • Polyesters (PET, PEN, etc.)
  • Polyimide
  • Polycarbonate
  • Polypropylene
  • PVC (rigid calendared or limp)
  • PMMA
  • Thin metal foils (dependent on softness rating) or foil laminates
  • PSA materials
  • Many papers
  • Thickness range from 50 microns (0.002”) to 380 microns. Other thickness dependent on material flexibility.
Product Literature

MTS Series
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