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MTS Series - Close Tolerance Web Screen Printing
Precision Screen Printing System

Close tolerance screen and stencil printing is usually associated with smaller-format substrates and print areas such as used in micro-electronics. In recent times, however, there is a growing need for larger-format applications as used in the medical, solar, display, and flexible electronic circuitry fields.

MTS® Series printers allow better process stability for large areas--in all axes, and with superior results based on your screen making capabilities.  Preco’s X-Y-theta camera registration can be equipped with a variety of fiducial recognition techniques, to provide unique repeatable accuracy for all formats.

Feature Benefit

X-Y-theta vision registration and positionable screen frame

Allows the web to be firmly fixed in place during the print stroke.

Moving Table System

Maximum to minimum images are printed from the center of the screen—“sweet-spot” printing.

Solid-steel 50mm-thick printing surface

The most technically-flat print table in the industry—assures uniform ink thickness in accordance with the stencil.

Four individual off-contact motors

Programmable off-contact and peel from the monitor easily provides distance setting, peel rate and starting point.

Cassette-style screen insertion & pneumatic locking

Easy frame loading encourages fast machine job set-up.

Simulated Step-and-Repeat™

Indexed images can be spaced evenly to within ±0.075mm to each progression.

Choice of squeegee operation modes*

Permits traditional screen printing, or stencil-plate printing used for applying solder paste, blind-via fills and photoimageable compositions etc.

Integrated web splicing

Allows new roll introduction for continuous feeding.

Web tension control*

Prepares substrate for required printing condition.

Inspection table

Immediate availability of just-printed wet ink sample for image correction during setup.

Registration strategies*

Ability to select blob analysis (standard), scribed line recognition, reading of back-lighted materials, reading of transparent patterns

*denotes option if selected for your specific requirements.

  • Drying Options:
    • Tower convection (various lengths)
    • UV curing (microwave or ballast medium pressure lamps)
      • Substrate cooling during the UV cure
      • Dichroics, quartz shielding
      • Custom substrate chill plates
    • Infra-red curing solutions
  • Web Cleaning: Contact or non-contact
  • Corona Treatment
  • Static Neutralization
  • Inline capabilities
    • Slitting
    • Die cutting
    • Laser marking, scoring or cutting
    • Web Interleaving and lamination. Provides capability for slip sheeting, wet-ink spacer introduction, mask application or removal etc


  • Flexible Circuitry (solder mask, photo-imageable coatings, nomenclature, etc.)
  • SMD (web solder paste application, blind via fills, conductive adhesives, etc.)
  • Bio-Sensors (test strips, tab electrodes, defibrillator pads, etc.)
  • Thin-Film Solar Photo-Voltaics (collectors, insulators, z-connectors)
  • Displays (bistable, electro-luminescent, etc.)
  • RFID (antennas, interposers, connectors, etc.)
  • Fuel Cells
  • Membrane Switch Assemblies (overlays, circuitry, adhesive, etc.)
Materials Processed
  • Polyesters (PET, PEN, etc.)
  • Polyimide
  • Polycarbonate
  • Polypropylene
  • PVC (rigid calendared or limp)
  • PMMA
  • Thin metal foils (dependent on softness rating) or foil laminates
  • PSA materials
  • Many papers
  • Thickness range from 50 microns (0.002”) to 380 microns. Other thickness dependent on material flexibility.
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