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SL5505 Laser System

The Preco SL5505 system is a three axis flying optic system designed for processing flat sheet or coil-fed product. In the flat sheet configuration the product is cut on a sliding drawer worksupport allowing for easy load and unload.

The SL5505 Workstation Includes

  • AcuNav, Windows XP based PC controller with user-friendly software
  • Cutting focus module with contact or non-contact autofocus and programmable Z-axis
  • Slide out (single or dual) vacuum worksupport(s) for easy load/unload and handling of delicate or thin materials
  • AcuDrive servo motor system for simple high performance motion with low maintenance
  • 1525mm x 1525mm (60" x 60") XY positioning system in a "flying optic" configuration
    • Accuracy: +/-0.10mm (+/-0.004")
    • Repeatability: +/-0.013mm (+/-0.0005")
    • Traverse Speed: 1270mm/sec (50"/sec)
    • Acceleration: 1g
  • 1575mm x 1575mm (62" x 62") worksupport with aluminum honeycomb or knife edges and vacuum suction. 300lb work-piece capacity.
  • Structural steel welded frame with Class I laser beam enclosure
  • 300mm (12") Z-axis for programmable height adjustment
  • Laser type and wavelength selected based on application, process and performance requirements

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