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Laser Systems Description  
Year of Mfr
Demo LB1040 Roll-to-roll or roll-to-discrete part, Coherent 400i CO2, 30mm digital galvo scanhead, 10" (254mm) web width
Demo Mini FlexPro (LB2140) 12" x 24" (300mm x 610mm) XY table under a 1.2" (30mm) digital galvo scanhead, Coherent 400i CO2 laser, class 1 enclosure, AcuVision two camera vision system 2015
Demo Robotic Laser Cladding & Heat Treating Cell Motoman MH50 robot with MH1605-505 rotate and tilt position with fiber laser cladding head, integrated vision and enclosure 2015
Used SL8600 (Qty. 3) 48" x 96" (1219mm x 2400mm) XY table with AcuNav PC controller, single focus head and beam delivery for a CO2 laser    
Demo RT1000 Laser tube cutting workstation, 2-axis integrated linear X-axis (20") with rotary motion under a fixed cutting head
Used Fanuc Robot M-20iA Robot with R-30iA robot controller 2010
Lasers Description  
Year of Mfr
Parts Rofin-Sinar DC010 1000W, 10.6µm, slab laser  
Refurb Synrad (Qty. 2) 25W, sealed CO2 laser  
Used LMI Eagle 500 (multiple) 500W, flowing gas, 10.6µm or 9.24µm   90s
Refurb Rofin-Sinar SCx20LP, 200W, 10.2µm, sealed laser   2015
Used Synrad F201, 200W, 10.6µm, sealed laser   95/96
Used Coherent GEM 100, 10.6µm, sealed laser   2010
Parts Trumpf TLF2700 Turbo 2700W, 10.6µm   1999
Parts Rofin-Sinar DC025 2500W, 10.6µm, slab laser   1999
Flatbed Die Cut Systems Description  
Year of Mfr
In-Production 1224-40 Ton CCD Subdie set, QCT, 34" K/O, 1" RF, Power Mic Stop  
In-Production 1220-40 Ton 4" Stroke, DCP, QCT, 34" K/O, 1" RF, Power Mic Stop  
Used 1220-20 Ton CCD Subdie set, QCT, Tandem RF, 2" Stroke  
In-Production 2024-60 Ton DCP, QCT, 52" K/O, 1" RF  
Used 2620-60 Ton Vision Master Die Set, QCT, Single Drive Roll Feeds   2011
Used 2024-100 Ton DCP, QCT, 1" Open Roll Feeds, Powered Mic, New Controller   1999
Screen Printers Description  
Year of Mfr
Demo MTS 1313 Printer, with hotair and UV dryers, material rewinder  
Used MTS 1313 (Qty. 2) With tower dryer  

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