Lasers Make the Ultimate Package


With consumer demand for more convenient packaging on the rise, converters are searching for flexible packaging solutions to give them a competitive advantage while keeping costs in line. Partnering with an equipment supplier that can provide a multitude of laser scoring and perforating system options is a critical consideration. Global converters are discovering that laser technology can deliver value to their finished product - and Preco is the single-source they rely on.

Preco was the first to use laser technology for flexible packaging applications over 20 years ago. Whatever the requirements, Preco has the expertise, breadth of technologies and engineering capabilities to design, develop and deliver solutions that adapt to varying material and processing specifications.

Preco offers laser modules, systems that integrate into flexible film lines and/or complete turnkey laser systems. Depending on the application, Preco will work closely with you to find a solution to match your need. Preco's Web Direction (WD) and Cross Web (CW) Series systems can be utilized for scoring, slitting, micro-perforating and vent feature processing. The WD Series is recommended when only web direction processing is required; the CW Series is utilized when the laser beam is required to move across the web "on the fly." Preco also has the capability to integrate laser equipment designed specifically for an existing processing line. These systems are designed utilizing our Flashlite laser modules which are available in multiple configurations and can also be sold as individual units.

Standard or custom-designed, Preco will work with each customer to develop the ideal laser solution to ensure quality and accuracy. The highly-skilled Preco service team will install and maintain every piece of equipment to ensure satisfaction - domestically and worldwide.

Not the right time to purchase a laser system? Preco's Contract Manufacturing Services (CMS) can provide all the resources needed to integrate laser processing into a manufacturing stream. As a complement to our equipment division, our CMS division can process both long and short runs to meet speed-to-market/product "ramp up" time lines.

Patented and Proprietary Laser Technology

Preco invented several laser technologies to address packaging trends and customer needs:

AcuTear laser scoring technology produces easy open flexible packaging for controlled tear propagation. AcuTear eliminates the need for scissors to open a package. It allows for easy-access to zipper/slider and peel/reseal closures while protecting the contents and maintaining package strength.

AcuBreathe laser micro-perforating technology produces consistent holes to control airflow and provide gas release for packages needing modified atmospheric packaging. These micro-perforations are produced using Preco's patented beam compression heads, allowing us to use a lower-powered laser at high production speeds. This results in a more efficient process. AcuBreathe perforations extend shelf life of fresh produce, provide burst protection for air pressure changes and release air during quick-fill applications.

AcuVent laser technology pro-duces controlled depth or cut- through vents in packaging material. It allows steam to escape during microwave cooking while protecting the integrity of the food product.

AcuVent uses a lower-powered laser at high processing speeds, giving Preco an advantage over the competition.

AcuPower power control automatically adjusts laser power "on the fly" in cross web laser scoring applications, allowing the system to hold a consistent score depth.

For more information on how laser technology can add value to your finished product, please contact:

Tim Gamboni
(715) 247-3285