Die Cutting Equipment

Rotary Converting Platform System
Rotary Converting Platform

The Rotary Converting Platform is often used for converting finer grit abrasives that are commonly used for grinding optical lenses, fine sanding applications and preparing lustre finishes in automobiles.

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Flat Bed Die Cutter
Flat Bed Die Cutter

Preco flat bed equipment constructed for abrasives processing is built to take into account the hardness of abrasive compounds.

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Die Cutting Solutions

Preco manufactures the most productive flat bed die cutting presses in the world. Their abilities include all three of the major processes for the abrasives industry: kiss-cut, cut-through and linked rolls. Each requires die cutting flexibility since tool wear and the associated press uptime are critical to high output performance. Some of our unique features include:

  • A proprietary equipment  design that considers the hardness of cutting abrasive compounds by using construction components that extend the useful life of the press.
  • Versatility of tool selection—matched metal, machined and steel rule dies can all be accommodated in a press design requirement.
  • Adjustable micrometric ram height to compensate for continuous wear of die rule and to promote optimal material kiss-cut and cut through.
  • Quick-change tooling important for maximizing uptime during long production runs. A wide variety of web widths from 20 to 60 inches. 


Working with abrasives also necessitates special finishing techniques that take into account how cut materials are presented for packaging:

  • Parts delivery, removal and stacking. Goods may be shingled, knocked out of the matrix, and/or stacked.
  • Removal of inside slugs associated with PSA and hook-and-loop discs.
Preco's Quick-Change Tooling

Cutting blades wear rapidly in abrasive converting, and a fast replacement of the steel-rule die board becomes a necessity for job turnaround. Preco’s Quick-Change Tooling easily and accurately takes less than 90 seconds to resume production.

Micrometer-Controlled Ram

As a steel rule die grinds down from continually penetrating grit surfaces, the micrometer-controlled ram provides occasional, quick adjustment for eventual wear compensation in increments to as little as 0.0005 inch (13 µm).

Preco's Bearerless Die Station

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The Preco Bearerless Die Station permits full use of a standard machined rotary die by employing a reducing wedge to keep the tool in cutting contact until it is completely spent.

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