Foam Die Cutting

Foam Die Cutting Machines
Designed and built for the foam die cutting and converting industry.

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Flat Bed Die Cutter Preco Logo
Standard Flat Bed Press Sizes
Model Working Width Feed Direction Length Cutting Force 
1220 20" (510 mm) 12" (305 mm) 40 tons 
2024 24" (610 mm) 20" (508 mm) 40 or 60 tons 
2430 30" (762 mm) 24" (610 mm) 40 or 60 tons 

Larger press sizes also available.

Options & Capabilities
  • 6 to 60 inches wide
  • 1/16 to 4 inches thick
  • Through-cutting
  • Count and stack or shingle parts
  • Stacking/conveying
  • Kiss-cutting to liner
  • Heat sealing
  • Industrial applications
  • Medical components
Features & Benefit
  • Robust four-post press design
  • Precision controlled hydraulics
  • Precise roll-feed material drives 
  • Variable material & toll stroke length adjustment
  • Ultra-accurate kiss-cut
    micrometer stop
  • Quick change steel rule die clamps 
  • Microprocessor controlled
    touch panel display
Automated Traveling Head Die Cutter Biko Meccanica Logo
EDP-W Automated Traveling Head Die Cutter
Model  Working Width Feed Direction Length Cutting Force
EDP-W-1650 64.96" (1650 mm) 23.6" (600 mm) 27.56 tons
EDP-W-2050 80.71" (2050 mm) 23.6" (600 mm) 27.56 tons

Cutting forces of 49.6 tons and 66.14 tons
(45 and 60 tonnes) also available.

Options & Capabilities
  • Different cutting tonnage
  • Cutting head rotating on its axis 180°
  • Automatic die change
  • Unwinders for jumbo rolls 
  • Automatic stacking system
  • Waste winder
Features & Benefits
  • Fully electrical machine, no hydraulic systems involved
  • Material feed system via pinch and grab bar and motorized conveyer
  • Punching system mounted on traveling head covering the whole board width
  • Able to cut multiple web layers at the same time
  • Head displacement by servo motor for accurate cutting tool position 
  • Slug holes are automatically collected and vacuumed away from the cutting tool
  • Cutting against dedicated conveyor belt or on counter board. Board oscillates on the X-Y axis
  • A dedicated Software manages the whole process and a touch screen allows the operator to change all the settings.
  • Control software is organized into recipes, easy to recall
  • The touch screen gives the possibility to optimize the position of the cutting footprints so as to minimize waste material as much as possible. 
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