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Preco's experience, technology and innovation drive our engineering and product processing capabilities. By partnering with us you are able to tap into our manufacturing expertise to reduce costs and improve efficiency when bringing your product to market. Though every industry and project presents its own unique challenges and design needs, our broad range of experience allows us to tailor a creative solution to your product requirements. At Preco, Inc. we don’t just provide multiple services, we deliver a complete solution.

Laser Contract Manufacturing Services

Laser Services

Preco’s Contract Manufacturing Services can provide you with all of the resources needed to integrate laser processing into your manufacturing stream. The extensive design, testing and manufacturing capabilities of Preco can help you answer today’s challenges – enhancing product design, improving quality, lowering unit cost and shortening lead times.

Die Cutting Contract Manufacturing Services

Die Cutting Services

Complementing the laser converting offering, Preco’s Contract Manufacturing Services also provides a complete range of die cutting solutions. Precision flat bed die cutting with vision registration capabilities for both sheet and roll processing is available along with multiple station rotary die cutting for high productivity, lamination and rotary die cutting.

Digital Screen Printing Contract Manufacturing

Digital Printing

Manufacturers of membrane switches and flex circuits know that design flexibility is important, for ease of production. Preco’s quick set-up and easy control adjustments make the MTS-Series screen printers the choice for critical fabrication environments. Print-to-image accuracy (x-y-theta) is as precise as ±0.05 mm @ three-sigma, for specially-built applications. For medium and narrow-web formats, Preco has the most accurate screen printing equipment in the industry today. Another solution from Preco is the MetalJet® 6000, which delivers a precise inkjet-produced pattern resulting in a layer of solid metal copper. 

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