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Laser Systems 

FlexPro Multi-Purpose Laser Machine

The FlexPro® laser system provides the speed of galvanometer processing with the versatility of an XY motion system.

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Mini-FlexPro Laser Processing Machine

The Mini FlexPro® laser processing system offers innovative solutions for high-speed laser processing of flexible circuits.

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WebPro Laser Processing System

The WebPro Series of digital laser cutting systems are rapidly re-configured for changing job requirements.

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FlashLite G Laser Modules

FlashLite G Modules provide high-speed, laser processing for through cutting, kiss-cutting and perforating.

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Electronic devices have demanding constraints in terms of quality and often require challenging industrial manufacturing processes. For these reasons, laser processing offers unique advantages for expanding the markets capabilities. Laser processing meets the stringent requirement for clean edges free of loose particules. Preco, Inc offers standard and custom built laser systems to ablate, cut, drill, perforate, and score a variety of materials in either web or sheet form. Common applications are for via drilling, ablation of conductive layers / ITO, RFID trimming, clean cutting of screen protectors, EL/thin film displays, flexible circuits, membrane switches and spacers.

Flat Bed & Rotary Die Cutting Systems 

Rotary Die Cutting Converting Platform
Rotary Die Cutting Converting Platform

The need for the highest yields and production rates calls for die cutting that delivers flexibility and speed.

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Flat Bed Die Cutter
Flat Bed Die Cutter

The four post hydraulic press is our standard flat bed die cutting system and is available in a variety of platen size.

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Die Cutting in both flatbed web or sheet, and rotary web are well understood by Preco, and when either method is best for your material processing. Preco assists your company in choosing which equipment practice makes sense for profitable production for the project at hand, including finishing techniques that may be required for a successful outcome.

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