Flat Bed Die Cutter

Die Cutting Versatility

Whether your shop makes 15 tooling changes a day or is involved runs that last for many shifts, Preco leads in the manufacture of standard as well as custom-made automated die cutting equipment. Our Flat Bed hydraulic presses feature fully-adjustable stroke height and tonnage settings in a robust, four-post configuration that ensures parallelism between the die board and the cutting surface. This design of the equipment promotes a fast makeready, the reduction of tool wear, and variety of finishing capabilities.

Preco systems offer customers choices for processing materials in roll or sheet form. All presses offer plenty of daylight and are made to accept all popular tooling, including steel rule dies and tools that require sub die-sets. For customers who also require precise cut-to-pattern accuracy, we make available the most accurate camera vision registration systems for the die cutting industry.


Sub Die Set in Press


SRD Insertion into Press


Parts Shingling from Web

Variations on the basic press design include a wide range of material delivery systems, whether for kiss cutting to a support liner, through-cutting, or for keeping parts in the web for further processing. All press systems can be integrated with a full line of accessories to save time, reduce die costs and improve material yields. Ancillary devices for parts removal and collection allow pieces to be knocked out, stacked, shingled, laminated, slit, rewound or sheeted as appropriate, are often tailored to provide custom designs for special applications.

Whether your requirements are for a full-scale converting business or for manufacturing in a major captive company operation, Preco is distinguished to be the best all-around choice for die cutting production versatility.

Applications & Materials 


  • Composite Cork
  • Cork/Rubber Composition
  • Closed Cell Sponge Rubber
  • Cloth Inserted Rubber
  • Industrial Felt
  • Neoprene Rubber
  • Polyethylene Foam
  • Polyurethane Foam
  • PVC Foam
  • Silicone Rubber
  • Urethane Sheeting
  • Vulcanized Fiber


  • Corrugated Board
  • Filter Paper
  • Non-Woven Polymers
    • Polyolefin
  • Paperboard, Cardboard
  • Woven Polymers
    • Soft-Woven Polyester


  • Closed Cell Sponge Rubber
  • Open Cell Sponge Rubber
  • PE Foam
  • PS
  • PU Foam
  • PVC Foam
  • Silicone Sponge


  • ABS
  • BOPP
  • COC
  • COP
  • Fluted Polypropylene Sheet
  • PC
  • PBT
  • PE
  • PEI
  • PEN
  • PET
  • PI
  • PMMA
  • PS (High Impact)
  • PU
  • PVC
  • PVDF


  • Acrylic Foam Adhesives
  • Graphic Overlays/Coverlays
  • Membrane Switch Assemblies
  • Paper-Faced Foam Board
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesives – PSAs
  • Transfer Tapes


  • Aluminum


  • Silicon Carbide
  • Aluminum Oxide
  • 10-4000 grit


  • Craft Felt
  • Hook & Loop
  • Leather
  • Magnetic Promotion Substrate
  • Paper-Faced Foam Board
  • Polishes, concrete, wood, auto-body,


  • Abrasives
  • Batteries / Fuel Cells
  • Digital Printing
  • Filtration Media
  • Footwear
  • Identification Cards
  • Insulators
  • Medical Supplies and Diagnostics
  • Membrane Switch Touch Panels
  • Nameplates
  • Packaging
  • Printed Circuits / Electronics
  • Promotional Magnets
  • Thin Film Solar

Features & Benefits

The ability of a Preco press to prevent die board rule from striking the cutting plate and to kiss cut consistently to thin liners, extends die life and assures continuous cut parts quality. Depth-of-cut tolerance is accurate to ± 13 µm, or ± 0.0005 inch.

Preco flatbed presses are renowned for their ability to switch steel-rule die boards for each job changeover in less than 30 seconds.  We also facilitate specially-equipped loading of available more-massive sub die-sets.


Preco’s logical and efficient cutting plate access and tool exchange allow easy rule shimming, with the most hassle-free and straightforward mounting of die boards in the industry.

​​​​​​Whether sheet or web fed, Preco’s use of roll-feeds prevents the operator’s hands from entering an unsafe cutting area and being injured. In addition, roll feeds are quicker and far more accurate. Mechanical presses, such as OBI, clamshell, C-frame and other mechanical presses are not only potentially more dangerous, but also limit output and precision.

HMI Camera Vision Display

Preco die cutters easily make changes to cutting pressure, material index, stroke height, batch count, parts removal adjustments and many other parameters to match the work at hand. Work orders may be stored electronically, with accessibility to remote diagnostics through an online connection.

Beyond available fiber-optic sensors, Preco is the leader in camera-vision based registration for flatbed die cutting. Close-tolerance machine repeatability is accurate to ± 25 µm, or ± 0.0001 inch.

Matrix rewind and strip Parts knockout

Preco has solutions to improve converting capabilities so that the job is correct from start to finish. We make available parts removal and collection methods through a variety of handling techniques as well as solutions for preparing material before entering the press.

​​​​Preco assists many of its customers with the integration of our die cutting capabilities to factory-supplied manufacturing lines for turn-key production.

Technical Parameters

System Press Footprint Min: 245 x 157 cm (96 x 62 in)
Max: 338 x 277 cm (142 x 109 in)*
System Press Height 174 - 201 cm (69 - 79 in)
Web Width 305 - 1067 mm (12 - 42 in)
Tonnage Min: 17.8 tonnes (20 tons)
Max: 89 tonnes (100 tons)**
Gross Weight 1680 - 14000 kg (3700 - 31000 lb)
Standard Daylight 203 - 254 mm (8 - 10 in)**
Production Speed Dependent on material, stroke length and accuracy required
Tool Acceptance Steel rule, Class "A" male/female; flexible "chem-etch", etc.   
Registration Capability Up to ±25 µm (±0.001 in) with X-Y-Theta vision
Power Requirements 240 or 480V 3-phase, 60 Hz
380 - 410V 3-phase, 50 Hz

* Not including workspace allotment; includes finishing table
** Dependent on system size

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