Rotary Die Cutting Converting Platform

Equipment Designed for Frequent Job Changeover

In rotary converting, the tasks that need to be done between completing one work order and setting up for the next, largely determine profitability on a day-to-day basis and establish your approach to production management. The Rotary Converting Platform™ handles job changes with the assurance of simplicity. The RCP can set up and adapt to straightforward or complex processing solutions for new orders in a shorter amount of time.

With three standard models and four available web widths, Preco provides the foundation for the useful range of narrow web job shop production. We also offer a catalog of practical optional support equipment to handle upcoming and special job requirements.


As important, Preco simplifies adapting your on-the-spot problem-solving device to the RCP. Press operators make more profit producing good parts than coping with extended downtime.

Our base systems are also the starting point for Preco specialized equipment construction, which we engineer for purpose-built projects and unique custom formats.


  • PET
  • PLA
  • PMMA
  • Polyimide
  • Polycarbonate
  • COP, COC
  • PVC
  • Acrylic Foam Adhesives
  • PP, BOPP
  • Foil  Laminates
  • Single & Double-Lined Adhesive
  • Non-wovens
  • Hydrogel


  • Dressings, plasters, bandages
  • Microfluidic WIP production
  • Point-of-care, test strips
  • Filtration Media
  • Sealing enclosures
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
  • Multilayered device construction

Features & Benefits

Servomotors provide material tension control on process stations to encourage good part registration as well as dependable calculated tension values from spindles to produce balanced, non-stressed finished parts. All axes are bi-directional for process flexibility.

Preco-Built Delivery Conveyor for Rotary Die Cutter Preco-Built Delivery Conveyor
Tapped Station Mounts for Rotary Die Cutter Tapped Station Mounts
Window Waste Transfer Device Window Waste Transfer Device

Add either a Preco-made device from our available options, or construct your own proprietary innovation to create a last-minute appliance that your company needs for a special purpose.

When laying out the workflow, press operators generally run out of spindles before processing stations. Preco provides an abundance of capacity.

Rotary backplanes were created for supporting fixtures such as idler rollers, tensioned unwind spindles and other attachments. These items are installed on a rotary converting platform anywhere that they may improve the process. The RCP’s backplane mounting plates are movable to provide the greatest placement flexibility of any manufacturer.

Station-mounted idler rollers often predict success in the handling of delicate web operations. Preco supplies three standard lengths of station idlers that allow infinite, articulated material deflection toward or away from tools and nips—a huge benefit for achieving the slightest of adjustment requirements.

Our well-known registration approach needs only a tool circumference pattern count, its number of gear teeth and a sensor mark to achieve great alignment. The RCP requires no homing devices and removes the need for stray wires that get in the way of tooling, webs or safety light curtains. Mounting connections for optics and other accessories lead directly and discreetly to the backplane.

Web steering equipment must be capable of managing incoming material for stable delivery to the next process. The RCP uses three decisive adjustments to ensure a correct web distance and approach angle to the sensor and allowing fine tuning of material edge alignment. Active web guides may be designated to any motorized spindle on the backplane.

Preco provides a fresh, intuitive approach to machine control. Experienced technicians as well as first-time rotary operators find the touch-screen monitor to be logical and understandable. Process stations, spindles and electronic accessories parameters are monitored, and show continuous, graphical trending of web tension, registration accuracy and roll material status.

Our 40 years of in-house laser expertise assures consistent results for Preco systems installed on the RCP. Kiss cutting, through-cutting, marking, scoring, and ablation may be performed, along with outfitting of a variety of available power ranges and wavelengths. Some standard Preco FlashLite™ Galvo lasers may be shifted between process station positions.

Preco complies with ANSI and CE, using standard full-length light curtains that present a clear and non-invasive solution. We also understand that special projects sometimes call for more involved designs. Preco works with your company to promote efficiency while protecting personnel and the job site.

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