Flexible Packaging

Web Direction Series Laser Micro-Perforation Machine

Utilized for a variety of processes, including web direction laser scoring, slitting or micro-perforating.

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Cross Web Series Laser Scoring Machine

Cross-Web systems provide scoring and perforating of materials in the cross-web direction.

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Multi-Purpose Laser Scoring & Perforating Zone Processing Series

Zone Process Series has the ability to add scoring or perforating features within a defined “Width” or “Zone” across the web.

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High Speed Perforator Series

Preco's High Speed Perforating systems are designed to add consistent micro-perforated holes into polymeric films.

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FlashLite WD Laser Modules

FlashLite WD Modules offer laser scoring and laser micro-perforating for easy-open, easy-fill and easy-breathe packaging.

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FlashLite CW Laser Modules

FlashLite CW Modules provide high-speed, cross web laser processing for scoring, marking and micro-perforating.

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Laser Machines for Flexible Packaging

Preco, Inc. was the first to pioneer the use of industrial lasers to modify and enhance flexible packaging material. We continually expand our laser systems technology and contract service capabilities to meet the needs of the growing market for convenient easy-open, breathable and microwave venting packaging applications.

Preco has developed a number of proprietary and patented technologies for exclusive use in our laser systems for the flexible packaging market. Our application engineers apply this same technology in our contract services production. Utilizing this technology on a daily basis provides valuable feedback for improving the capability and performance of our laser systems. Preco’s application engineers identify and provide reliable solutions for all technical issues to assure complete customer satisfaction. Most companies cannot offer the depth of resources and expertise that Preco has in this area.

Our proven technologies include AcuTear® laser scoring for easy open/easy tear controlled tear propagation, while maintaining package strength and barrier properties. Laser scoring can be straight line, contour to allow access to zipper and for peel & reseal features. AcuBreathe® perforations in packaging films are helpful to achieve controlled airflow and moisture release for extending fresh cut produce shelf life and for burst protection during transportation. In addition, Preco’s AcuBreathe technology features patented laser beam compression hardware and software that produce the most consistent and round holes in the industry. AcuVent® is used to produce controlled depth laser score segments (vents) in flexible packaging. When placed in a microwave the steam generated from within the package bursts through the vents, automatically ventilating the package for a perfect microwave product.

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