Lasers for Metals

Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine

Fully enclosable and configured with interchangeable tables for operator ease and enhanced throughput.

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Laser Tube Cutting Machine

AC servo-driven driving systems; ensuring high speeds, high precision and high reliability.

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ST2000 Mini Laser Processing Machine

The Preco ST2000 Series laser processing systems offer innovative solutions for high-speed laser processing.

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ST2400 Multi-Purpose Laser Machine

The ST2400 laser systems provide the speed of galvanometer processing with the versatility of an XY motion system.

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SL5000 Multi-Purpose Laser Machine

The Preco SL5505 Series is a three axis flying optic system designed for processing flat sheet or coil-fed product.

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SL8000 Laser Cutting & Cladding Machine

The SL8000 Series laser cutting systems are manufactured from standard parts and integrated into a single workstation designed to fit specific customer needs.

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SL9000 Laser Cladding Machine

The Preco SL9000 machine is designed for your industrial laser cladding needs.

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RT1000 Laser Tube Cutting Machine

The Preco Medical RT1000 is designed for precision laser cutting of small diameter tubes.

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Laser Machines for Metals

Preco has extensive experience in laser welding ranging from high power thick section welding to micro joining of foils and small wires. We also have experience in processes such as hybrid welding, induction-assisted laser welding, and cold wire feed welding.

Laser heat treating is a surface modification process designed to change the microstructure of metals through controlled heating and cooling. Laser heat treating can target localized areas without affecting the entire work piece. Another surface modification process is laser cladding which is ideally suited for creating an entirely new surface as well as repairing damaged or worn surfaces (remanufacturing).

Preco, a leading laser integrator, specializes in systems for cutting and drilling round, tubular, flat sheet and hydro-formed parts. Laser cutting is a noncontact process that delivers highly accurate narrow kerf width cuts with a small heat-affected zone. Let our Preco engineers work with you to match the appropriate state-of-the-art laser with a system that will meet all of your needs.

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