ST Series Laser Workstations

Multi-Axis Workhorses

 The Preco ST Series Laser machines come with Preco's user-friendly AcuNav® user interface and are designed for multi-axis laser welding, heat treating, cladding, drilling and cutting of metallic components. The ST1000 line incorporates a moving beam design to operate over a two-position index table for high-production applications. The ST2000 Series are designed for fixed beam processing over an XY motion system.  As standard, these systems are designed for manual part loading, however automated part load/unload options can be integrated.

The ST Workstations are offered in three distinct size configurations, allowing you to select the system that is best suited to your specific needs. These standard workstations can be engineered to meet your specific application.



This system features a two-position index table to allow small part load/unload to take place during the laser processing cycle resulting in high productivity. 


ST2000 & ST2200

These mid-range systems offer a compact footprint and are designed for manual loading/unloading of the



This system offers extended X-axis travel that is ideal for shaft, large parts, or multiple-up part processing.

Model X-Y-Z Motion Door Opening Enclosure Dimensions
ST1000 X: 300 mm (12") Y: 150 mm (6") Z: 100 mm (4") W: 444 mm (17.5 in) H: 635 mm (25 in) W: 890 mm (35") H: 1400 mm (55") D: 2160 mm (85")
ST2000 X: 300 mm (12") Y: 300 mm (12") Z: 300 mm (12") W: 525 mm (20.7 in) H: 1081 mm (42.6 in) W: 890 mm (35") H: 1400 mm (55") D: 2030 mm (80")
ST2200 X: 600 mm (24") Y: 600 mm (24") Z: 300 mm (12") W: 719 mm (28.3 in) H: 1158 mm m (45.6 in) W: 1780 mm (70") H: 2540 mm (100") D: 2030 mm (80")
ST2400 X: 1000 mm (40") Y: 600 mm (24") Z: 300 mm (12") W: 950 mm (37.4 in) H: 1095 mm (43.1 in) W: 2285 mm (90") H: 2540 mm (100") D: 2030 mm (80")

Enclosure dimensions exclude the HMI, laser chiller, and other periphery devices. Accuracies are per 12" or 300 mm of travel. Higher accuracy tables and high-speed linear motor drives available as options.

Custom Equipment is our Standard

ST 2000 Custom Workstation

This photo highlights a range of options integrated into an ST2000 Workstation. This system has an extended travel Z-axis to accommodate a tall part. The enclosure door is also hinged to the left for access and viewing of the system HMI during set-up operations. Note the dual flat panel displays, this additional display is for a vision system. Preco offers a complete range of options for the standard ST Series Workstation in addition to custom-engineered modifications if required.

Custom Equipment Options

Laser Options
To optimize your specific application, any laser manufacturer, wavelength or power level can be integrated into the ST Series product line.

Linear Motors / Encoders
The ST Series readily accepts linear motors and encoders in the X and Y-axis.

Rotary Positioning 
Rotary and rotary/tilt tables are easily integrated into the ST Series Workstation. Worm drive or direct drive rotary stations can be supplied.

Bar Code Reader 
For part and program verification and tracking.

For single side or pass through automation. 

Extended Travel Z-Axis 
Additional Z-axis travel is available for large parts.

Automated Enclosure Access Door
Designed for automation and to minimize operator fatigue.

Preco-Designed Tooling
Preco can design and build tooling specific to your process.

Vision System
A range of options are available from simple CCTV devices for manual part alignment to integrated vision solutions that automate seam or part alignment.

Tilt-Head with Fiber Delivered Lasers
Manual or programmable tilt-heads are available. 


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