Flat Bed Die Cutting

Preco, Inc. leads in the manufacture of standard and custom-made automated die cutting equipment.


Industrial Die Cutting Solutions

Preco, Inc. is a premier provider of solutions for material processing needs. We are a leading designer and manufacturer of high-speed and high-accuracy automated flat bed die cutting systems.

Flat Bed Die Cutting Equipment

Preco's flat bed die cutting equipment has the versatility and precision needed to handle your product's specifications.

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Die Cutting Contract Manufacturing

With the industry's largest number of workstations, Preco offers an extensive range of innovative flat bed die cutting services.

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Common Flat Bed Materials

Just some of the many materials that Preco's flat bed die cutting presses are capable of handling.


From Heavy Grit to Micro-Polishing


Open-Cell, Closed-Cell and Reticulated


Everything from Rubber to Steel

Magnetic Media

From Cutting to Laminating

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

PSA Cutting and Kiss-Cutting