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Your Laser Partner for Metal Cutting Equipment

Preco-HSG Fiber Laser Equipment is a leading innovator of laser cutting technologies and systems. Preco, Inc. has over 40 years of standard and custom, laser-based machine development and manufacturer. With over 4,000 laser systems in the market place, still in operation today, Preco is a premier US Laser systems manufacturer. Many of the systems Preco builds have multiple levels of automation based specifically to meet a customer’s individual requirements.

HSG started building C02 laser systems in 2006. Concentrating on the Chinese market, HSG has established themselves as an Industry leader in the high-quality laser machine tools market. In 2010 HSG started building Fiber laser systems to serve the world market.

Together, We Can Make a World of Difference

Starting in April of 2018, Preco, Inc. and HSG joined forces to make HSG's products available here in the USA. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff prides itself at being on the cutting edge of the laser technology. We will recommend the best suited laser technology, the most economical material handling and time saving process for your application. All packaged in one of the most reliable, precise and cost effective laser systems on the market today.

Laser Flat Sheet Cutting

Preco-HSG has several options available for flat sheet cutting. The PS-1390X (4' x 3') is our space saving machine for the company that needs a high speed fiber laser system but doesn’t have the floor space. The fast and compact PS-3015X (5' x 10') comes standard with a shuttle table and a maximum laser capacity of a 4kW fiber laser. The work horses of our lineup, the PS-4020H (13' x 6.5') and PS-6020H (19' x 6.5') offer a blazing fast 2g of acceleration and a max speed of 5,512"/min.  They can be powered with fiber lasers up to 15kW.

Laser Tube Cutting

Preco-HSG offers three models of fiber laser tube cutting equipment. For low volume production, the PT-E22 or PT-E35 machines offer manual load and minimal setup between tube sizes. For high volume production, our PT-75TS comes standard with a bundle loader and runs at 1.2g of acceleration.

Service and Support

We are dedicated to providing the best support in the industry, and are recognized across the globe as having the most experienced, knowledgeable laser service and support teams. Each Preco-HSG machine comes with a standard 1-year warranty. Technical service and support is based out of our Wisconsin facility.

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