Laser perforating for modified atmosphere packaging

Laser Micro-Perforating

Laser micro-perforating is a process of generating a series of small through holes for modified atmosphere packaging. Perforations can also be used to help achieve controlled airflow and moisture release in various packaging products such as extending shelf life for fresh produce and burst protection for changing air pressure. Perforations also offer the capability of easier filling – air scapes quickly during filling while the product remains contained. Packages are also more compressed for improved stacking.

Tailored to your project.

AcuBreathe is Preco's laser micro-perforating solution for easy-breathe, easy-pack and easy-fill packaging. From gas transmission to moisture release, AcuBreathe technology can be tailored to fit a range of material types and thicknesses.

Lidded Film Processing

  • Laser processing via micro-perforations
  • Produce packaging
  • Ship-over-altitude for pressure equalization
  • Off-gassing

Features & Benefits

Just some of the many benefits of using Preco's patented AcuBreathe technology.

Non-Contact Processing

Eliminates inconsistencies of knives and mechanical perforators

Customized Equipment

Laser systems operate as stand-alone units or can be integrated into an existing production line

Quick Setup and Pattern Change

Easy to use Windows® based software enables adjustable score depths and perforation hole size and spacing

Various Materials and Thicknesses

Process a variety of packaging materials ranging in thickness to 12 mil


Registers eyespots before processing and aligns process pattern and process spacing

Superior Score Quality

Consistent depth and uniformity of score line. Repeatable strength and tear quality

Ramp-up / Ramp-down control

Eliminates scrap caused by overpowering of material at slower than normal processing speeds.


System Specs

Preco machines that are capable of AcuBreathe laser micro-perforating.

System Type Laser Setup Number of Beams Capabilities
Web Direction  100 – 400 watts Dual Fixed Beams 2 (std.)* Speeds to 45.7 m (150 ft.)/min
Web Direction with
Beam Compression Units
50 – 100 watts Single Fixed Beam 1 (std.)* 0.0762 – 0.3048 mm (0.003 – 0.012 in.)
holes at speeds to 457.2 m (1500 ft.)/min.
Cross Web 100 watts Single Scan head  1 (std.)* Speeds to 304.8 m (1000 ft.)/min
Cross Web