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Laser Services for Flexible Packaging Applications

Preco, Inc. was the first to pioneer the use of industrial lasers to modify and enhance flexible packaging material. We continually expand our laser processing machine technology and laser processing contract service capabilities to meet the needs of the growing market for convenient easy-open, breathable and microwave venting packaging applications.

A big facility with big possibilities.

Our new expanded facility for contract manufacturing delivers flexible packaging excellence. Preco provides all the resources needed to integrate laser processing into your manufacturing stream. Whether it’s new product introduction, overflow capacity production, or secondary packaging, we are dedicated to help you succeed. We a facility committed to maintaining rigorous quality certifications for the flexible packaging industry.

Preco, Inc. has certificates and standards focused on the flexible packaging industry to help us achieve excellence in customer satisfaction.

Certifications and Standards 

  • SQF Food Safety Code
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 13485:2016
  • FDA IMS Listing 55-4851

Preco is highly knowledgeable and compliant with the following:

  • Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)
  • Safe Quality Food Institution (SQF) certification
  • Interstate Milk Shippers (IMS) certificated listing
Contract Manufacturing Services SQF certified bay area for food quality flexible package processing

Complete solution for our customers.

Unlike some competitors, Preco provides a complete solution to its Packaging customers. Preco has in place complete Quality Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Process Development Engineering, Customer Service, and Account Management services. This creates a quick, complete, and cost-effective means for packaging customers to go from concept to research and development, prototyping, initial sample packages, to full production. Please call today to discuss your Packaging challenges.

Laser perforating packaging material using AcuBreathe® technology

Prototyping, R&D and Samples

Preco’s flat bed laser processing equipment allow customers the opportunity to easily create prototype packages. These systems can be fed a sheet of film, quickly cut it to the correct width and length, and add a laser score or perforation pattern. For scored packages, the score location, shape, or depth can be easily changed. For perforated packages, perforation size, count, or patterns can easily be adjusted. This creates a quick and cost effective means for packaging prototyping, research and development, and for creating sample packages for sales, marketing, or focus groups. Please call today to discuss setting up a trial.

Acu Technologies

To meet the needs of a growing market Preco has invented patented processes for easy-open, breathable and microwave venting packaging applications.

AcuBreathe® ideal for micro-perforating small holes for atmosphere packaging


Laser Perforating for MAP

Laser micro-perforating is a process of generating a series of small through holes for MAP (modified atmosphere packaging). Perforations can also be used to help achieve controlled airflow and moisture release in various packaging products such as extended shelf life for fresh produce and burst protection for changing air pressure. 

Preco's Patented AcuVent® technology ideal for laser scoring with a hermetic seal for microwave venting.


Laser Scoring for Microwave Venting

Our patented AcuVent technology is used to produce controlled depth laser score segments into flexible packaging materials at high processing speeds. These laser score-segments (vents) are weakened areas of the material and when placed into a microwave the steam generated from within the package bursts through the vents, automatically ventilating the package for a perfect microwaved product.

Preco's Patented AcuTear® Contour Scoring ideal for around zipper pouch applications


Laser Scoring for Consumer Convenience

Laser scoring is a process of utilizing a focused spot of energy to remove material to a specified depth. Preco's AcuTear laser scoring technology provides easy-open / easy-tear flexible packaging for controlled tear propagation while maintaining package strength and barrier properties. Laser scoring can be a straight line for contour to allow access to the zipper and peel & reseal closure features. 

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