Transportation Vehicle

How Preco Can Help

Automotive, heavy off-road, motorsports, consumer and commercial automotive aftermarkets and more take advantage of Preco’s applications engineering, equipment design and build, and short and long run Contract Manufacturing Services.


  • Battery Modules 
  • Filtration
  • Insulation & Sound Deadening 
  • Nameplates & Badging 
  • Gear Welding 
  • Powertrain
Preco can help in the production of battery modules

Battery Modules

Preco can assist with the production of battery and ultracapacitor modules. By utilizing laser welding, laser cutting, and laser cladding systems we can help with the production and assembly of your battery and ultracapacitor module.

Preco can convert simple filtration material


Laser, rotary and flat bed equipment from Preco can convert simple filtration media or produce filter sub-assemblies for insertion into automotive frames or discreet parts. 

Preco can assist in the production of automobile badging and nameplates

Nameplates & Badging

Automobile badging must be as beautiful as the style of the vehicle. Preco screen printers and flatbed die cutters provide the imagery precision that desired for utmost visual appeal and part shape.

Preco’s laser and flat bed die systems are used to cut various materials

Insulation & Sound Deadening

Preco’s laser and flat bed die systems are used to cut various glass fiber, carbon or fiberglass-based non-woven materials to be used in automotive exhaust assemblies, interior components and other heat and sound-based applications.

Laser-based welding of Automotive gear assembly

Gear Welding

Preco has been a pioneer in the advancement of laser-based welding of Automotive gear assemblies for more than 25 years. Our customers include leading auto industry manufacturers from around the globe.

Powertrain welding and heat treating of automotive and heavy off-road components


Preco has been laser welding and heat-treating automotive and heavy off-road components and assemblies for decades. Laser welding of gears, heat treating of bearing surfaces and cladding of wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant components and assemblies has been developed and sold in both our Contract Manufacturing Services division and Laser Equipment division.