Innovative Solutions

No matter what market you specialize in, Preco has got you covered. With over 30 years of experience, a multitude of resources and the capability of providing solutions unlike any other manufacturer in the industry, Preco can partner with you to solve your manufacturing needs. Here are just a number of the markets that we specialize in.

Abrasives Market


When it comes to production solutions for abrasive material processing, Preco Abrasives is the dominant market supplier.

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Electronics Market


Preco has the unique and distinct advantage of offering a variety of solutions for the processing of electronic device components. 

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Energy Market


Preco's Energy team is well versed in both equipment and contract manufacturing in the areas of energy storage, energy production and solar cells.

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Medical Market


Preco's experience, technology and innovation drive our engineering and product processing capabilities for the medical field.

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Metal Processing Market

Metal Processing

We offer high-quality laser machines as well as processing solutions for welding, heat treating, cladding, ablation and specialty cutting.

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Packaging Market


Unique to Preco is the ability to offer multiple flexible packaging solutions, including laser processing systems and die cutters.

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