Plastic and Foam

The variety of foams on the market including reticulated foams, open cell foams and closed cell foams that are routinely die cut. Die cutters need systems that provide a clean and accurate cut part that reduces concavity in the processing.The benefit is more precision—part-to-part accuracy and tighter tolerances of parts cut.

Lasers are especially well suited to cutting or scribing plastics. Laser processing offers flexibility, precision and repeatability without the traditional limitations of other methods. 



  • Aerospace 
  • Agricultural 
  • Appliances 
  • Automotive 
  • Cosmetics 
  • Electronics 
  • Gaskets
  • Medical
  • Packaging
  • Small engines
  • Sporting goods
  • Open and closed cell foams 
  • Virtually any plastic 

Preco Advantages

Die Cutter
  • Accommodates varying material thickness up to 4” thick on the same system with Preco adjustable roll feeds. 
  • Systems can be fitted with programmable heated platens to aid in sealing  or open and closed cell foams, and other heat sensitive material 
  • Increased steel rule die life through accurate control of cutting depth via the powered Micrometer Ram Adjustment. 
  • Material stretch eliminated, deformed parts avoided by use of Preco presses that have a synchronized feed system. 
  • Increased system versatility. Preco presses handle both sheet and roll material. 
  • Simultaneous kiss cutting and through cutting possible with accurate depth control via Micrometer Ram Adjustment. 
  • Increased yield with closer nesting of parts through the Preco material handling system 
  • Die can be changed in a matter of seconds without tools through the use of swing away roll feeds and pneumatic quick change steel rule die clamps. Preco's microprocessor can store jobs in memory. 
  • Can handle parts with facings or pressure sensitive backings. 
  • Custom built for all industries and markets with help from Preco’s Engineering and Design team. 
  • Non-contact processing
  • Reproduceable precision to ±.051mm
  • No tool wear - laser is always sharp
  • Fine details without breakage
  • Flame polished edge in one step
  • Eliminate chipped edges
  • Speeds up to 25m/second
  • Square corners inside or out
  • Acrylics to 25mm thick 

The applications team at Preco has extensive knowledge in processing plastics and foam. Contact Preco to learn how Preco can provide an ideal solution to your plastic processing needs.

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