Medical Device Manufacturing

Lab-on-a-Chip Microfluidic


Our automated stacking and lamination technologies efficiently assemble your cards from design concept to mass production.

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Advanced Wound Care Materials

Advanced Wound Care

Preco Medical & Precision Converting is an industry expert who specializes in the areas of advanced wound care and patient monitoring.

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Wearable Medical Biosensors

Wearable Biosensors

From silicone pads for easy release, to transparent materials with no discoloration, we can help make your device be less intrusive and more affordable.

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Lab worker holding medical device in clean facility

Medical Microfluidic
Cartridge Construction

Preco's FlexStacker™ assembly system represents a vital improvement in the rapid and precise manufacturing of lab-on-a-chip (LOC) cartridge laminates.

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Contract Manufacturing

Preco's experience, technology and innovation drive our engineering and product processing capabilities. By partnering with us you are able to tap into our manufacturing expertise to reduce costs and improve efficiency when bringing your product to market. At Preco, we don’t just provide multiple services, we deliver a complete solution.

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