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Preco Medical and Precision Converting Facility

Preco Medical and Precision Converting Facility

Precision Converting

Preco Medical and Precision Converting (MPC) was opened under the mantra of "Create for Others" and that’s what we have done since opening our Hudson, Wisconsin location in 2011. Preco MPC is a dedicated medical facility with both clean environment and clean room processing options. Backing us is over 40 years of experience working with lasers, rotaries and contract manufacturing. Preco is unique in what we can offer your project due to our wide array of mechanical equipment and our robust staff of engineering disciplines. Our rapid prototyping services allow us to evaluate a variety of materials specific to your project. From design concept to mass production, we utilize our custom production equipment to produce your design in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Preco MPC is ready, what can we create for you?

Thinking Ahead 

As an undisputed industry leader, our wide variety of machines and production areas coupled with our years of experience and expertise, gives your project the flexibility you need to quickly bring your product from prototype to market. Preco will be with your project every step of the way, giving us an intimate knowledge of what your project will need and how best to scale up for commercialization. Early partnerships allow us to anticipate manufacturability best suited for your design requirements and avoid delays in advancing your project. By streamlining the process early on, we can save time and help you qualify your product on the right machine with the right design the first time.

Innovative Patents and Knowhow

Preco, Inc. holds many innovative and unique patents for both machines and processing methods. These patents are designed to provide our customers with the best possible processes, software and hardware to produce products with less waste and higher productivity rates. In addition, these patents give our customers an exclusive advantage in precision stacking, laminating and cutting applications.

Service and Support

#1 in Service and Support

Preco service representatives are dedicated to providing the best possible customer service and believe that friendly, knowledgeable service is a key to customer satisfaction.

Service & Support

Certifications and Standards

Valued Quality Methods

Due to Preco's 40 years in the converting business, and our ISO Certifications, we have the processes and documentation structure in place to ensure your continued business success.

Certifications & Standards

The Largest Laser-Based Company

We have grown to be the largest laser based company for contract manufacturing services and laser systems integration in North America. Our engineering and technical application staff is involved with design, prototypes, pilot programs and customer development to provide a complete solution to customers. With Preco’s laser knowledge, we understand what laser type, power and wavelength is best suited for your applications.

Preco Offers Both Laser and Die Cutting Equipment

Preco's vast product line up of both laser and die cutting equipment allows our application specialists to recommend the best possible solution for your manufacturing process. Preco offers a wide range of processing systems and has developed unique capabilities for manufacturing medical devices. Utilizing our standard die cutting, laser processing and lamination equipment platforms, we design and manufacture custom equipment that meets our customer’s medical validation and production requirements.

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