Contract Manufacturing

Preco's experience, technology and innovation drive our engineering and product processing capabilities. By partnering with us you are able to tap into our manufacturing expertise to reduce costs and improve efficiency when bringing your product to market. Though every industry and project presents its own unique challenges and design needs, our broad range of experience allows us to tailor a creative solution to your product requirements. At Preco, Inc. we don’t just provide multiple services, we deliver a complete solution.

Contract Manufacturing Flow Chart

Project Management

Project Management

With a dedicated Project Management Team with several years of experience, we are able to make a smooth transition from prototypes to mass production. One of our Project Management Engineers will lead your project every step of the way. Creating and maintaining a well-documented process development timeline ensures your project stays on track to commercialization.

Rolls of Medical Materials

Material Sourcing

We have been building supplier relationships for over 40 years. We take into account your medical device performance requirements and use our vast knowledge of adhesives and substrates to provide you with multiple options. In the event you need a custom material manufactured for your product, we will facilitate the development by providing laser/rotary/flatbed die cut samples for your review and testing as the material is developed. Given our wide array of machines and laser wavelengths available, we are able to cut many unique materials with much less scrap than traditional processing methods. Some benefits of laser processing with unique materials include clean edges, low scrap rate, and variable cut depths without resulting in adhesive ooze. How can we create a unique product that differentiates your product from the competition?

Unique Materials Which Process Well:

  • Hydrogel
  • Hydrocolloid
  • Silicone Adhesives
  • Cottons, both dense and loosely woven
  • Many many more
Prototyping Robotics


Our rapid prototyping process specializes in small production prototypes and special orders. To help speed up the process, we are always building our inventory of prototype materials to expedite the prototype samples to you. From proof of concept prototypes to beta models, we can make them all for you.

Prototyping Features

  • Online quote request for fast pricing so you can make that go / no-go decision
  • Having complete prototypes finished and ready for use in as little as 2 days
  • Electronic exchange of drawings and specs eliminates non-value added delays
  • Inspection information emailed to you before your parts ship
Preco Medical Facility

Facility Capabilities

  • Robotics
  • Reagent / Island Placement
  • Automated Microfluidics Cartridge Production
  • Web and Rotary Construction Lamination
  • High Speed Tight Tolerance Manufacturing
  • Flat Bed Die Cutting
  • Rotary Die Cutting
  • High Density Laser Perforation
  • Heat Sealing
  • Quality Testing
  • Cleanrooms
  • Clean Environment
Robot Assembly


From hand assembly using pin fixtures to fully automated robotic driven assembly, we are ready to assemble your design. With small production or prototype orders, our quick and efficient staff will have your project assembled and out the door in record time.

As the size of your project grows, Preco is ready to mix automation with human help. With robotic placement and final human inspection and packaging, we can offer an intermediate assembly stage before your device is being mass produced. This step allows us to debug the assembly process before hitting full production, saving development time when your parts are in demand.

The final step in Preco’s assembly process is fully automated production. This can mean modifying current machines or designing a new machine specifically for your project. Our team will critically evaluate our options to see which method would be best suited to your project and production needs. Having our own machine development staff gives us the opportunity to customize our machines as needed. Capitalizing on our roll handling abilities, vision systems, inline punches or a new laser, our machine staff can design and build in-house any needed equipment.

Medical Packaging


From bulk packaging of parts to end user packaging of finished medical devices we have extensive experience. We can add easy tear or perforated tear lines to any packaging material. Some of our current packaging options include

  • Custom packaging
  • Foil notched pouches
  • Heat sealed
  • Cold sealed
  • Sterile peel pouches


We are ready to help you with your sterilization needs. We partner with sterilization experts to make sure your product is sterilized using the best method. Preco will facilitate working through all of the protocol development and validation needs that your project requires. Then we'll logistically transport your finished device to the sterilization facility. From autoclaving to radiation, we have partners ready to manage all your sterilization needs and move your product onto the next stage.


Worldwide Distribution

Preco currently ships medical components to multiple countries worldwide. Our experience shipping overseas and handling all arrangements with our freight forwarding partners, means peace of mine for our customers. We know on time deliveries are critical and are proud of our continued excellence in this area. 

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